Newbridge Advantage


F.A.Q. - Business Business Prepaid Card

Getting Started Using a Business Prepaid Card

1.    How do I sign up?

It’s easy:

  1. Complete our simple application which includes basic information about your company and business owner. We only use the information to set up your account and to confirm the identity of your business as required by law. We never perform credit checks of any kind on your company or business owner.

  2. Provide information necessary to fund the Newbridge Advantage Business Card account from your Business checking account at your bank.

  3. Fax or email the signed application plus required company and personal identification to 1 888 963 9274 or email:

2.    How long does it take to get set up?

If the information on the enrollment form is complete and accurate, we notify you within 1-3 business days that your account is approved. If we’re missing information from you, we’ll let you know quickly.

3.    What is the turn around time for card delivery after my approval?

It will usually take between 2-3 weeks for the card to be delivered to your address after approval.

4.    Is card activation required?

Yes. You will need to activate the card by going to using your user name and password.

5.    Does Newbridge report to or contact commercial or consumer credit bureaus about
        me or my business?

No. This is NOT an application for credit and it is not a credit card account. We don’t perform credit checks or report your company’s activity to credit reporting bureaus.

6.    Is there a limit to the number of additional cards I can apply for my employees?

No, there are no limits and each additional card is charged a monthly fee of only $4.95.

7.    Can I apply for more than one card for each employee?

Yes, you may designate one company expenditure card and one commission payroll card for each individual employee but each card will cost $4.95 per month. 

Moving funds from my company’s bank account to my company’s primary and employee's card.

1.    How do I fund my primary and supplementary cards?

We provide 3 convenient options for you to load or transfer funds to your cards.

Funding Method Cost Speed
EFT or PAD through our website $2.00 5 business days $2,500.00
Interac online through our website $2.50 1-2 business days $2,500.00
Card to card transfer through our website
$3.00 Real time $2,500.00


2.    What happens to unused funds in the employees card ?

The easiest way to handle unused funds on any card is to move them back to the main primary card account where they can be redistributed to other employee cards by using the card to card transfer function. 

3.    Is there a maximum allowed balance on each card?

Yes, there is a maximum allowed balance of $5,000 on each card.

4.    Is there a minimum balance requirement on the primary or employee's Card?

There is no minimum.

Using the Newbridge Advantage MasterCard card for Business

1.    Where can the Newbridge MasterCard Card for Business be used?

The Newbridge Advantage Business MasterCard® Card is accepted at over 28.5 million locations worldwide and online. You can also withdraw cash at over 1 million ATM’s worldwide.

2.    Can I export transaction records for each card?

Yes, you may currently export the transaction details in CSV format. 

3.    Can I use card for my personal spending?

The Newbridge Business Card program is specifically designed to be used only by businesses. Funds on deposit in the Card Account are owned by the business and intended for business spending only.

4.    Can the employee's card be used for commission payroll purpose?

Yes, providing the original card application was designated for commission payroll function and not company expenditure.

5.    Can I withdraw cash with the card from any ATM machine?

Yes, the ATM with PIN function is controlled by primary card holder or authorized management from the company. This function can be controlled through the administrative dashboard through our website.

6.    How does the administrative website work?

Through our website, the primary account holder will have control to get and reset ATM PIN for company expenditure cards, funding or transfer money between cards, and viewing card transaction activities.   The Primary account holder can only view transactions for company expenditure cards, and will not have access to see the transactions of commission payroll cards because privacy law.

7.    What reports are available?

Monthly statements are available online for each card account, as well as for the business.

General Questions

1.    Is the Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Card for business a credit card?

No. All Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Card  issued to the company and employees are prepaid cards. No credit is extended to your company, and Newbridge does not perform credit reviews on your company or your employees.

2.    What is a prepaid card?

Prepaid cards work like credit cards at the point of sale, except that money must be deposited to the card prior to purchasing. Purchases cannot be completed if the transaction amount exceeds the value remaining on the card.

3.    Can the Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Card for business replace our
        company credit cards?

Many companies use credit cards to manage cash flow and float purchases. However, companies don't always like providing credit cards to employees, given control issues as well as credit limit issues. With the Newbridge Card companies can still use credit to float specific purchases if they choose to, while enjoying the benefits of using Newbridge card for employee day-to-day spending.

4.    What are the Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Card for Business Service fees?

      Fees are per transactions basis 
         Description Fee Description Fee
       Card Load/ Reload $2.50 POS Usage $0.35
      International POS $0.50 ATM Cash Withdrawal $2.50
      ATM Decline $0.75 ATM Balance Inquiry $0.75
      Card to Card Money Share $3.00 Foreign Currency Markup 2.49%
      Card Replacement $25.00 Fraud Investigation Requiest $35.00
      Card Cancellation $10.00    

For Lost and Stolen Card contact: Tel: 1-888-410-2166
For more information call 416-410-2188