Newbridge Advantage




The Newbridge Advantage MasterCard® Card

It's a reloadable personal prepaid MasterCard card accepted at over 30 million locations worldwide where MasterCard® cards are accepted.

Key Features:

Enjoy the convenience of a MasterCard® card, and the benefit of a Prepaid Card.  You can use the Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Card® as an alternative to carrying cash, and for shopping online or in person where MasterCard is accepted.


  • Accepted worldwide at 30 million locations
  • Transfer funds to your MasterCard® through our online secured website
  • Manage your money by accessing spending and account balance online
  • FREE Credit Monitoring Service with your Membership1:
    Retail Value of $180.00 per year
    a)  1 Year of Credit Monitoring2
    b)  4 FREE Quarterly Credit Report with Credit Score
    c)  24/7 Monitoring for changes to your credit profile, fraudulent actives, new inquires
         new accounts, late payments and more...
  • Newbridge Advantage & Perkopolis:
    a)  Get access to Exclusive Discounts and Promotions from retailers across Canada
    b)  Receive discount ranging from 15% up to 75% off retail
    c)  Tickets discounts can range from 10% up to 65% off retail

How much does it cost?

Monthly Fee:

$     9.95

One Time Set-up Fee: $   19.95  

For a complete list of related Fees and Charges see our Fees Schedule.


How does it work?
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Personal Prepaid Card Application

1   Receive one subscription for one year to basic credit monitoring service starting on your 3rd months of paid
     subscription.  Additional "ID Monitor" subscription can be also be purchased by enquiring
     Member Services.
2   Data provided by TransUnion Credit Bureau.

For Lost and Stolen Card contact: Tel: 1-800-624-6171
For more information call 416-410-8200