Newbridge Advantage




Newbridge Advantage MasterCard Fees1
Description Fee2
Description Fee2
Card Load/ Reload $  2.50    POS Usage $  0.35
International POS $  0.50   ATM Cash Withdrawal $  2.50
ATM Decline $  0.75   ATM Balance Inquiry $  0.75
International ATM $  3.00   Foreign Currency Markup 2.49%
Card to Card Money Share $  3.00   Fraud Investigation Requiest $35.00
Card Replacement $25.00   NSF Fee (for PAD & Interact Online)  $30.00
Card Cancellation $10.00   Negative (Card) Balance $  1.99
PIN Change $  1.00   Live Customer Support $  1.50
Automated Customer Care FREE   Online Statement FREE

1 Above Fees applies to the Business Prepaid Card and Personal Prepaid Card Programs only.
   Fees for prepaid cards offered in other programs may be different.  When in doubt always
   refer to an up to date Cardholder Agreement as definitive source. 
2 Above Fees are per transactions 
basis or per occurance of the event.

Application and Monthly Fees:
PPC Application Fee (one time) $19.95   BPC Application Fee (one time) $49.95
PPC Monthly Fee (once/mth) $14.95   BPC Monthly Fee (Primary Card) $19.95
      BPC Monthly Fee (Additional Cards) $  4.95

"PPC" means "Personal Prepaid Card" Program
"BPC" means "Business Prepaid Card" Program 

All Fees may be revised from time to time please refer to this page frequently for updates.
The information provided in this table is for your convenience, and may contain erros, therefore
Always refer back to your Terms and Conditions or your Cardholders Agreement. 

For Lost and Stolen Card contact: Tel: 1-888-410-2166
For more information call 416-410-2188