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Newbridge and Perkopolis


Newbridge Advantage is proud to offer FREE to all our members access to exclusive discounts on tickets, hotels and various other products and services to members through our new discount partner Perkopolis.



 The thrill of live theatre, the magic of movies, family attractions and spectacular sports - that is Perkopolis and so much more. Add hotels, apparel, home services, automotive, travel, and that’s what we’re about.

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How does the program work?

Perkopolis is a free, easy to use, and exclusive benefit program that provides you with access to a variety of entertainment offers, hotels, products, and services.  You simply create an account, log into the website and add the product to your ‘shopping cart’. Payment is processed online and the tickets/vouchers are delivered to you. Please visit our FAQ section of our website for more information regarding shipping costs, delivery times, payment methods, etc.



For Lost and Stolen Card contact: Tel: 1-800-624-6171
For more information call 416-410-8200